Forsyth County Health Department

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Child and Adolescent Health

Women's Health

Children's Dental Clinic

Adult Health

Infectious Diseases

Environmental Health
(restaurant inspections, lot approvals, septic tank permits, well water sampling, bio-terrorism activities, etc.)

Environmental Health Applications



Clinical Staff


Noel Pitts extension 4215 Family Planning *


Adi Trejo extension 4217 Travel Clinic *


*Requires Appointment

For Dental Appointments you may call or text (762)900-2109

Environmental Staff


Erin Stitt County Manager


Gary Helmuth


Bonnie Huff


Garth Baker


Brad Sharkey


Alan Zee


Madelyn Zavala


Ashely Wright


Felicia Ochu Administrative Assistant

Connie Vaughan Administrative Assistant





Georgia Public Health

District 2 Public Health

Centers For Disease Control (CDC)